Lake Taupo is a large lake in the North Island of Newzealand also known and popular location for people who love the outdoors – water skiers, sailors and kayakers, skydiving is also really popular.

VIP $9,500
September – May
5 Days 4 Nights
Couple / Group Friend

The Highlights of the Journey

  • Experience the new side of travelling while in the sky you can see volcanoes
  • Hike this beautiful lake is fed by seven streams
  • Visit the largest lake in New Zealand


**Rates are per person based on USD and 2 people traveling together

Day 1 - 5

Lake Taupo | 4 Nights

Lake Taupo is a large lake in the North Island of New Zealand, It is located around three and a half hours from the city of Auckland, and measures 238 square miles (616 square kilometres). Stay at Huka Lodge lies on the banks of the Waikato River, 300m upstream from the famous Huka Falls. It started as a simple fishing lodge in the 1920s, attracting guests from around the world. Now the exclusive lodge lures the most discerning travellers from around the globe, seeking one of the world’s very best retreats.

You will experience the new side of travelling while in the sky you can see volcanoes, coast-to-coast views of the North Island and the incredible shores of Lake Taupo. Choose from our three heights – 9,000 ft, 12,000 ft or 15,000 ft for up to 60 seconds in freefall. Also, do Kayaking Rock Carving Trip, pass steep cliffs and mini inlets that can only accommodate a kayak, before sighting the 10m high Maori carvings. Your experienced guide will explain the cultural significance of the lake and surrounding areas while you float beneath them. On the return, we stop for refreshments and in summer you are welcome to take the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of our beautiful Lake Taupo. 

Do not miss, the 30-minute adrenalin-filled trip skims close to cliffs and trees at an incredible 80km an hour. Get ready for the thrill of 360º spins as you make your way down to the Aratiatia Dam and back to view from the base of the spectacular Huka Falls, all in a beautiful river environment. Half-day hike this secluded greenstone-coloured lake is nestled on the side of Mt. Pihanga to the south of Taupo, within the Tongariro National Park, is a special place for both tree lovers and also for birdwatchers. This beautiful lake is fed by seven streams, is 9 metres deep and covers one square kilometre. Lake Rotopounamu was formed by a landslide approx. 10,000 years ago and these days is renowned for its beautiful mature trees and wonderful native bird sightings.