Journey at Home

The unshaken desire to make another step and venture to the world’s most exciting paradise will never meet to an end. Introducing a new revolutionized way of travel, being in touch with your personalized Yoga guru in the remote island, learning of culinary creation as guided by the master chef, experience the wellness devotion in your favorite resort, and other in-depth knowledge and expertise at your finger tips, we bring you to travel beyond borders, The Journey at Home.

Rejuvenated Body & Mind

A new outlook into your own body and soul, learn the spiritual journey that takes one a countless year to reconnect the peaceful mind to the healthy body. Learn with world’s best Yoga guru, fitness instructor, health experts, and practice with the home spa treatment from your own space.

Body and Spiritual Boost with Revīvō

Revīvō Wellness Resort

The importance of wellbeing and balance in life is essential to keep your body, mind and immune system healthy and well. Let the experienced Revivo wellness team guide you through wellness exercises in the comfort of your home from our live online web-casts, tune in the schedule below.

Nourishing Yoga Flo with Nihi Sumba

Nihi Sumba

Experience an elevated inner state of peace through the powerful meditation techniques of Kundalini yoga as guided by Betina Bethlem.

The Mindfulness with Six Senses Uluwatu

Six Senses Uluwatu

Mindfulness start as fundamental pillar to a healthy body and mind connected through meditation and a deep look into yourself to actualize the past, present, and future into one acceptance. Learn on how to start your first meditation phase here.

The Encounter

Refining your concept of luxury travel, learn the history and expertise from a world renowned traveler to your own discovery session in the different perspective of culture, heritage, and ancestry.

A Journey to World's Best with Nihi

Nihi Sumba

Learn the historical discovery before leading to luxurious achievement of founding Nihi, James McBride and Claude Graves talk about how they first encounter the untouched Sumba and the generous efforts to keep it as the perfect combination of luxury and sustainability.

LIVE Ranger Show with Plataran ft. Keanu Campora

Plataran Resort

Model turned to TV Host for his passion on adventure, Keanu Campora featured on a LIVE show with Plataran Menjangan to guide you through a wildlife in West Bali National Park.

LIVE Virtual Sailing with Plataran Komodo

Plataran Resort

Embark on a journey to the East in Komodo waters, schedule out your digital sailing with Plataran Komodo for a swift adventure to see the wild nature at the comfort of home.

Tighter as Family

The experience felt and shared as family during your journey will create a timeless memorabilia. We understand that such value will never be replaced, and we would re-create the family experience at your own home close with the little ones.

A Marine Biology Discovery with Six Senses

Six Senses

A plentiful activities with Six Senses as they explain to you on the marine life with a cheerful host for your kids to follow with downloadable coloring book and easy-to-understand video.

Coloring Book & Activities with Six Senses

Six Senses

A rich activities provided by Six Sense will strengthen the bond between children and parents. Download one of the coloring books from their Marine Biology program below.

Full of Activities with The Ritz-Carlton!

The Ritz-Carlton Bali

At their early age, kids need abundant of activities that will help them grow and develop various aspect from intelligence to social skills. Learn more with The Ritz-Carlton Bali on what they usually provide for their family friendly program.

At Home Culinary

For you who would love to blast off the kitchen with aromatic spices and ingredients, we bring this menu for you to try in the most feasible way to create the plate and the taste of one culinary journey.

Homemade Jamu by Plataran

Plataran Resort

Started as an occasional drink for Javanese families, the Djamu or herbal drinks hold natural benefits in the most simple way. Create your own in this guided video to boost your bodily immune.

LIVE Preparation for Floating Breakfast & Afternoon Tea by Plataran

Plataran Resort

With their expertise in Indonesian cuisine, watch how Plataran Canggu prepared the extraordinary setting on Floating Breakfast & Afternoon Tea.

Safe Food Procedure with Hyatt Regency Bali

Hyatt Regency Bali

Amidst the impact of Covid-19, there has been growing concern on how to put safety above all – including your food. Learn more on how to safely clean your food before preparing them with Hyatt Regency Bali.