Travel Affiliations and Credentials

A bespoke experience that reflects to quality control in all the travel aspects and transparency process are key to what we offer at Discover Luxury Indonesia. We uphold a travel professional by code of conduct in becoming affiliated with members of a handful of credible travel associations around the world. Our team has proven to reach unlimited access to a variety of research, product training, and all the latest travel developments in curating the best of luxury travel experiences you may discover with us.


Proud to be a regular attendance of ILTM since 2006, a leading ‘by invitation only’ travel event for the handpicked luxury travel advisors  to meet new selection of luxury travel brands and products.

Private Luxury Circle

Since 2018, Discover Luxury Indonesia is a member of a ‘by invitation only’ luxury travel networking event that bring the world’s leading players in luxury travel connect and build the valuable relationships that transform businesses and change worlds.


Discover Luxury Indonesia uphold  the international travel standard to act as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from and within the Asia Pacific region.


Our unique TIDS code 96-645986 is a standard industry coding that is identified and recognized by all the travel and tourisms industries in order to facilitate doing business.


As a member of CLIA,  dREAMSCAPE & Discover Luxury Indonesia receive an instant industry recognition to the Cruise Line including access to professional developments and certification courses.


dREAMSCAPE & Discover Luxury Indonesia are recognized by the credible high-end African suppliers since 2016. We are an agency that stand apart from the crowd and hold a high reputation with track record as one of the top global luxury travel advisors.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards

A global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world.

Pure Life Experiences

Since 2017, dREAMSCAPE is part of the PURE Life and followed by Discover Indonesia. PURE Life is a by-invitation-only community for the highest-end experiential travel professionals with attitude, commitment and belief that travel can be more than just an industry.

Traveller Made

dREAMSAPE & Discover Luxury Indonesia are elite members of the Traveller Made, a by invitation only luxury travel designers community. The status is a proven track record that our agency truly provide unique and exclusive bespoke journeys by knowledgeable advisors who are committed to fully servicing our clients.


A global community of luxury travel visionaries committed to bring an innovation to the luxury market along with its endless discovery and research by connecting the like-minded people in the premium business events.