Wild and extended, the archipelago gives back to the indigenous people of tropical paradise islands the home-grown green fields to complete the sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes along with luscious terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. The climate to be the typical tropical, warm and humid all year round, is an extra ingredient to the richness of the lushful landscape.

On the contrast of the vast seas Indonesia has, the archipelago is enriched with the fertile grounds which our ancestors had blessed upon. Taken care through the seasons, the green rice terraces and plush forests stand out over decades and leave the pictures-queue landscape as we see it today.

Sumatra as one of the biggest island hides most of its greenery behind the peaking mountains and resting hills across the region. Apart from Java where the main government and development is focused on, Sumatra is undergoing the increasing cities where it now connects most of the roads on tolls and thus give you a lushful landscape throughout the driving on these prolonged asphalt road.

In the same tone, Kalimantan hides the mysterious jungle and all of the secretive animals in the plain sight. Walk through the cascading rains on the one of the most dense rain forest in the world and detach from the modernity as you find yourself in the middle of uncharted green lands deep in the breathing region of the island.

Sulawesi as the neighboring island, holds the unique remnants of the civilization of the colonization on each separate regions. As the sleeping hills separates the striving cities, the only roads to reach in between is the ones with bumpy adventure and gazing trees.

At the corner of Papua, lays the ultimate adventure as the indigenous people have long disparate the culture and modern world. Living as the social structure that combines villages to wild mother nature in harmony, the untouched landscape of Papua is a trip beyond the known world.

The rich and diverse culture of Bali plays out at all levels of life, from the exquisite flower-petal offering placed everywhere, to the traditional music and dance performance, almost everything has spiritual meaning.

With all iconic beaches, pounding surf, picturesque rice terraces and enclaves of artisans, the archipelago charms everyone who sets foot on its shores. These are all framed by stunning landscapes, including spectacular mountains and waterfalls, while the tallest volcanic peak stood magnificently for hundred of years.


Rest as one of Unesco-listed world’s heritage, Jatiluwih spreads beautifully in north of Penebel with its rice terraces which reflects on the local ideology of Subak. Walking in between the rice paddy to embrace morning sun would be ideal as you start a new day and learn how Balinese implement their peaceful lifestyle.

Scenic Railways

Available only in Java, the remnants of colonial industry were made path into nowadays transportation system. Connecting cities in the dense island of Java, the trains are lurking in the eloquence of green hills and crossing the villages underneath. Specific routes and train carriages are available for lavish travelers to enjoy the luxury experience on the railways passing the lush landscapes of Javanese city outskirts.

Lake Batur

Every day in Bali’s predawn darkness, hundreds of visitors begin the trek up the 1,700-meter summit of Mount Batur to watch the sun rise above the lush mosaic of mist-shrouded mountains and the caldera far below. On a clear day, the views are spectacular, stretching all the way across the Batur caldera; the surrounding mountain range; and beautiful Lake Batur, the island’s main source of irrigation water.

Bukit Lawang

At the hidden lush paradise of North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang remains as the conservative region where species such Orangutan and Elephant are inhabiting this green region. A walk through the tree bridge where you have to leave your vehicle after 1.5 hours drive across the palm oil plantation and shady trees will be rewarding upon entering the magnificent tropical forest at Sumatran jungle.

Nihi Sumba

A Glamorous Escapade with Nihi Sumba

Nihi Sumba

04 Days | 03 Nights

In the remote island of Sumba, the lavish resort is settled at the edge of wilderness hidden from the modern world yet still holds the ultra-luxury experience for those who step afoot on the island and stay for an experience or two.

EXP - Lelewatu

Timeless Sumba with Lelewatu

Lelewatu Resort

04 Days | 03 Nights

On the long history of Marapu, Sumbanese have embraced the ancient practice of the ancestors and lived to it day by day. Discover more as you walk through the people and the traditional village in Sumba to learn about the culture and the native people.

EXP - Legian

Best of Both Islands

Nihi Sumba | The Legian

07 Days | 06 Nights

The best of both islands combine the ultimate luxury experience for both Nihi Sumba and The Legian where you would find the unrivaled taste of extravagant luxury and bespoke itinerary tailored just for you.