Lavish Adventure

A breath into a thrilling feat.⁣ The routine of living the world may feel dull to the soul of adventurers. A salty breeze to caress your hair, rumbling waves to play, and silky sands of a serene beach are the songs to always remember by. One step closer to the adventure and further extravagance in the venture. ⁣
EXP - Paragliding

Bewildering Bali Adventure

Capella Ubud | Six Senses Uluwatu

05 Days | 04 Nights

As the adventurer at heart, walk on your thrilling adventure in the central Bali to paddle amidst the growing trees and relaxing rivers before stepping up to more challenging trek in your sport activities in the South Bali.

Spice Island

The Lost of Spice Islands Diving

Ambon to Ambon

07 Days | 06 Nights

Onboard the luxury cruise of Kudanil Explorer to the least visited area of spice islands and take a sip for an expedition underwater through magnificent coral reefs and the bio marine wildlife of Eastern beauty of Indonesia.

EXP - Golf

Java Bali Tee

Hyatt Regency | Banyan Tree Ungasan

06 Days | 05 Nights

A selection of gold course is optimized for your ultimate golfing experience. Start your first tee in Jogjakarta with end in South Bali while you venture into the lavish luxury of the finest resorts.

In the vast archipelago where you could find a swift breeze in pristine beaches and jump to the lushful exploration, there is no boundary to what can be done for a selfless adventurer. Learn to what the world’s best wave is or discover the thrilling experience of golf in the breezy golf field. Your own adventure is curated with meticulous detail to your luxurious demand for an endless journey in the archipelago. An exquisite service with high level quality of sophistication and dedicated staff would accompany you to your ultra-luxury adventure in Indonesia.

The Rinjani mountain

Is a massive volcano, which towers over the island of Lombok. A climb to the top is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Indonesia. Some 3,726 meters tall, it is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. The climb to the top may not be easy but it’s worth it, and is widely regarded as one of the best views in the country.

Desert Point

Be ready to be surprised finding the hidden gem of Lombok. Often regarded as Bali’s little sister, Lombok has long lived in the shadows of its surfing sibling (especially if you want to escape the intensity of Bali). Some of the most gorgeous beaches in Lombok known for their waves are Bangko-bangko (also called as Desert Point), Mawi, Selong Belanak, Gerupuk, and Kuta.

Snorkeling with The Wild

Little did you know that the archipelago hides its foremost beauty in the spot where you can watch the splendor above and below? Only to be walled with the wild, comforting, and mesmerizing waves of the South.