Edge of Wilderness

In a modern world, what’s left from the ancient age of megalithic culture seems to be a missing tale. What if there’s an untouched region that still live by the practices and inherit most of the traditions of the megalithic culture. Eastern Nusa Tenggara is your answer to your long-lost tale in the modern world.
Nihi Sumba

A Glamorous Escapade with Nihi Sumba

Nihi Sumba

04 Days | 03 Nights

In the remote island of Sumba, the lavish resort is settled at the edge of wilderness hidden from the modern world yet still holds the ultra-luxury experience for those who step afoot on the island and stay for an experience or two.

EXP - Lelewatu

Timeless Sumba with Lelewatu

Lelewatu Resort

04 Days | 03 Nights

On the long history of Marapu, Sumbanese have embraced the ancient practice of the ancestors and lived to it day by day. Discover more as you walk through the people and the traditional village in Sumba to learn about the culture and the native people.

EXP - Legian

Best of Both Islands

Nihi Sumba | The Legian

07 Days | 06 Nights

The best of both islands combine the ultimate luxury experience for both Nihi Sumba and The Legian where you would find the unrivaled taste of extravagant luxury and bespoke itinerary tailored just for you.


Adventurous Trek in North Sumatra

Tangkahan and Bukit Lawang, Sumatra

04 Days | 03 Nights

Arriving in Medan and enjoy a restful evening before carrying out your journey to the depth of the Sumatran jungle to observe the exotic elephant and Orang Utan.

The island of Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara Province offers its own distinct splendours in the eastern part of the Indonesian Archipelago. Encircling Sumba are white-sand beaches that are the stuff of dreams, as are the island’s secret swimming spots and waterfalls further inland. Throw in some of Indonesia’s most prized ikat (patterned textiles) and the annual Pasola festival and you have one of the most diverse islands in Indonesia.

Hidden beneath all the circling beauty of the island, the indigenous people of Sumba put faith in Merapu – a direct communication between the ancestors and the nowadays descendant. The megalithic tombs are well-kept and withhold with strong respect of the society.  Most of the villages are still staying in the house built under dried hay roofs and led by a priest / village head.

A visit to Sumba and interaction with its nature and the culture will change many ways of your own life-concept on reflection of the modern world.