Culinary Delight

Back to the history when Indonesia was the rich source of herbs and spices, the ancestors had made a harmony of completion in delivering the joyful taste to the culinary and added a perfect delicacy which differs to each region you travel into.
Benjamin Cross on white background

Chef Hosted Spice Islands Cruise

Ambon to Ambon (Join-in)

08 Days | 07 Nights

Join a special scheduled cruise by Aqua Blu towards Spice Islands hosted by Chef Benjamin Cross. He ventured out on his own to open Restaurants which frequently top the list of the island’s best restaurants.

EXP - Cooking Aman

Cooking with The Expert


03 Days | 02 Nights

From the breathtaking view of Amankila, discover the rich taste of Indonesian culinary as you savor on your own creation with the breeze of wild seas.

EXP - Cooking Again with Aman

One Taste to Expertise


03 Days | 02 Nights

Guided by celebrity chef whose expertise is formed in the long years of culinary discovery, learn from the master on your creation for this wonderful cooking class in the superb ambiance of tranquil Java.

The long history of Indonesian delicacy has been the ultimate enchanting spell for gastronomy.

Apart from the Asian continent, the culinary experience in Indonesia varies from the way it was harvested to the plating setup. A complete journey will start from the ingredients collected and combined with the cultural integrity that follows the cooking and continued to the chef’s demonstration table. From traditional and authentic dish to the Michelin star cuisine by the Indonesia’s best Master chef, all would deliver the authenticity of palates’ journey here and beyond the Indonesian culinary.

Fine Dining

Led by years of experience, Indonesian’s most finest restaurant are serving you a palace at the top of your palate. A long-awaited reservation is needed in several tables, but worry not as you find yourself sitting in the world’s best lavish culinary dining with sublime menu and best view to name a few.

Top Table Cooking Class

The expertise of selected world’s famous chef residing in Indonesia are undoubtedly a rising fame. Take your culinary journey to leverage the experience in cooking class with our behind-the-scene guided session directly from the celebrity chef and Michelin star quality demonstrating their finest indulgence in serving you a paradise on a plate.

East Meet West

The culinary journey from local plate to the hands of the expertise create a fusion in which enhanced the taste and richness of Indonesian menu. Create your own or learn from the chef who will give you the extra palate in the variety of food delivered to you.