Safe Travel in Indonesia Post Covid-19

Indonesian tourism along with the rest of the world has sustained the unfortunate impact of Covid-19 long enough. We are keeping track of the development in the destination and summarize to give you better insights on how to offer a safe travel based on recommendation from WHO & WTTC yet maintain the quality of luxury and exclusivity.

Standard Procedures

Our operational logistics are revised and readjusted to ensure the clients safety and enable them to experience the travel itinerary with minimum inconvenience due to regulations and their standard in the destination.

That means from the moment clients booked their program, they will be informed of the current status update on the destination and what are the measurements that will need to be done prior, in the meantime, and post travel based on the recommendations by the international and local authority.

Measurements by Agents / Clients

  • Agents / Clients should be informed of the current update on the destination
  • Clients are strongly recommended to bring self-owned masks and pocket sanitizer – optional addons are available prior to booking
  • Agents / Clients should own comprehensive travel insurance (min $100,000 USD) which covers Covid-19 treatment and evacuation in certain remote destination
  • Wearing masks when talking to people or in visit as well as being indoors or in the vehicle with gentle reminder to wash hands and avoid touching face frequently
  • Kindly note that regular temperature screening at all entrances of any place in the destination is mandatory
  • During in crowd, expect a social distancing measure to be physically separated

Prior to Arrival

  • Arrival formalities are subject to each country prior travelling
  • Per current regulation, Bali will be open to international arrival by 11 September 2020 and subject to further update
  • Expect masks regulatory and physical distancing on planes and arrival terminals will be enforced with temperature checks on arrival
  • In certain destination in Indonesia, filling forms by local authority is mandatory – please consult your travel designer for further assistance
  • At the moment, we do NOT foresee quarantine measures on international arrival; if so we will update your travel arrangements prior

Our Drivers & Guides

  • All our drivers and guides are mandated to wear face masks at all times
  • Prior to daily assignment, they will be checked to not have fever above 37.5 celsius and suggested to take Rapid Test in case of feeling unwell
  • All our staffs are put on strict discipline to avoid handshaking
  • Upon first welcome, a briefing on COVID situation with detailed specifics on local measures as guided by local authority and social distancing will be informed
  • In travel, there will be no distribution of any documents / papers as they will be sent in digital form to clients account (mobile / email)
  • Our Guides are facilitated to carry extra face masks in case needed
  • In case of sudden change of condition by clients, drivers, or guides the ongoing tours will be shortened

Our Vehicles

  • Disinfection will be of luggage before being loaded into the car
  • Travelling cars during the day will be disinfected while clients are out visiting
  • Interior such handles, safety belts, seating surfaces, head rests and windows will also be disinfected
  • The disinfection log will be kept by the designated driver
  • Disinfectants are alcohol-based as guided by WHO standards as well as hand sanitizer which is available on board – optional
  • Spacing between seats are regulatory with a minimum 1 seat in between passengers
  • The capacity of vehicles allowed are at 50% of normal capacity

Our Hotel & Restaurant Partner

  • Travel partners are mandated to submit their HCP Policy & Implementation to us prior opening
  • Temperature screening is regulatory for every entry
  • Clients will be given every opportunity whereas possible for a contact-less encounter & check in
  • Travel partners are to follow local authority recommendation and suggestion in regards of social distancing and cleaning protocols
  • Buffet meals are to be substituted with a la carte service
  • Rooms & Tables are subject to be disinfected frequently in certain period of time including other public facility

Visa Application Information


Foreign Workers New Regulation to Enter Indonesia

  • Foreign workers who previously came as part of a national strategic project or for reasons of family union, can no longer enter Indonesia
  • Foreign workers who hold diplomatic visas and service visas, holders of diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits, holders of limited stay permits, and permanent residence permits still able to enter Indonesia
  • Foreigners with health and humanitarian purposes, as well as transportation crews who came with their means of transportation also can enter Indonesia
  • In order to enter Indonesia for exceptions (as shown above) still need a recommendation from the relevant ministry or institution to enter the country.

Peraturan Baru Untuk TKA Masuk Indonesia

  • Tenaga kerja asing yang sebelumnya datang sebagai bagian dari proyek strategis nasional atau karena alasan persatuan keluarga, tidak dapat lagi masuk ke Indonesia
  • Tenaga kerja asing pemegang visa diplomatik dan visa dinas, pemegang izin tinggal diplomatik dan izin tinggal dinas, pemegang izin tinggal terbatas, dan izin tinggal tetap masih dapat masuk ke Indonesia
  • Orang asing dengan tujuan kesehatan dan kemanusiaan, serta awak transportasi yang datang dengan alat transportasinya juga dapat masuk ke Indonesia
  • Untuk masuk ke Indonesia untuk pengecualian (sesuai pernyatan di atas) masih memerlukan rekomendasi dari kementerian atau lembaga terkait untuk masuk ke negara tersebut.