Safe Food Procedure with Hyatt Regency Bali

In order to keeping your food safe is essential Hyatt Regency Bali invited their Hygiene lady Kinanti to share the basic techniques of food hygiene and safety. ⁣

Step 1 : Clean⁣
Wash your hands properly for 20 seconds before, during and after food handling. ⁣
Wash your veggies in running water and mix with salt (1 or 2 teaspoons salt : 1 L of water) or vinegar (250 ml vinegar : 1 L of water) or use liquid soap available in the market⁣

Step 2 : Separate ⁣
Keep raw foods to themselves. Germs can spread from one food to another.⁣
Do not reuse marinades used on raw foods unless you bring them to a boil first.⁣
Use a special cutting board or plate for raw foods only.⁣

Step 3: Cook⁣
Heat kills germs. Ensure your food is well-cooked. Use thermometer as you can’t always tell from looks.⁣

Step 4: Chill⁣
Use air tight container to keep the food and never leave the food in the refrigerator without cover, lid or packaging⁣
Keep in mind shelf life of eggs (up to 4 weeks), fresh milk (1-2 days once opened), red meat and seafood (3-5 days).⁣
Do not store milk and eggs on the fridge door due to unstable temperature.⁣

Keep clean and stay healthy.

Check out their video here.

Video by Hyatt Regency Bali