Body & Spiritual Boost with Revīvō Wellness Resort Nusa Dua

At the heart of luxury, a well-being remains the ultimate goals that many travelers are seeking to find. The journey they make start with a simple intention – to seek what is lost or what is new. That includes the condition of one self in terms of well-being in emotion, spirit, and body.

In Revīvō, the concept of finding a balance is felt throughout the activities set by the wonderful team at the resort. Even though the distance is limited as we are now facing the pandemic, that does not weaver the spirit of their gurus in resolving a way to keep sharing with the clienteles and help them overcome the hard times with great teaching and practices – all guided online.

Check out their schedule and materials for you to practice at home here.

Photos by Revīvō Wellness Resort Nusa Dua Bali