The Hidden Luxury in the Wilderness: Indonesia’s Top 5 Lavish Resorts

Have you ever felt like you need a hideout in a place when none speaks your language? A place that is less suffocating than every busy corner of the metropolitan city sounds like a dream. The fact is, it might not be impossible to find such a place.

Hotels usually leave you with the freedom of travelling on your own and determine the destinations of your preference. However, you might want to try different options. To feel at peace knowing you don’t have to bewildered in choosing where to go. Thus, we decided to compile top 5 resorts for your hideaway destination.

Bawah Reserve

Bawah Reserve at Anambas, Riau

Located in Anambas Archipelago of Riau Province, Bawah Reserve offers a breathtaking tropical paradise. There is no best time of the year to visit the islands because each month offers a different kind of experience.

With its main function as a conservation area, Bawah Reserve is limiting their capacity for up to 70 guests to prevent environmental degradation. In this eco-friendly resort, you can experience various water activities and adventures such as snorkeling, diving, stand up paddleboarding, and scuba diving. With 13 pristine beaches  and lagoons that surrounded Bawah Reserve, try to inhale the fresh air with the small boat kayak.

Not only marine-based activities, you might also be interested in trying to hike to the top of Bawah Island. Even when you simply yearn for tranquility, look  up to the night sky and look closely to the clear night sky. Constellations, shooting stars, and the glistening  lagoon, heaven is before the very eyes of you.



Capella Ubud

Keliki Valley at Capella Ubud

Find harmony in nature and culture by visiting the arts and cultural center of Bali. Capella Ubud is the epitome of ideal hospitality. They offer excellent treatment and luxurious facilities in the remote area in the middle of trees, hills, and salt water pools.

Admitted as World’s Best Hotel, Capella Ubud doesn’t only bestow vintage grandeur. It is where to find the spirit of tradition, cultural heritage, and philosophical way of life from  the Balinese. If you are longing for a meaningful discovery that is close to nature, this is the place.



Mandapa Ritz Carlton Ubud

Wantilan at Mandapa Ritz Carlton, Ubud

There are countless places to uncover when it comes to Ubud, Bali. Make your stay in the luxurious reserve of Ritz Carlton to see the life of locals who hold onto their sacred tradition. Expect not only avant-garde discovery because you will also get a remedy. Healing from the modern lifestyle in the big cities.

While observing the view of paddy fields, forest, and Ayung River, you can also enjoy food and beverages crafted from authentic Indonesian traditional recipes.

Seize the opportunity to connect with the people who lived around the resort. You can also be able to spot the locals practicing their rituals, and some artists performing traditional dance or play.




The Pristine Beach at Moyo Island

After two places in the most well-known island for tourist destinations in Indonesia, spare 90 minutes for the exquisite Amanwana of Moyo Island. Yes, it only takes less than two hour from Bali to the Flores Sea.

This is another heaven on earth where you can lodge in between the forest and vibrant seashore. Instead of a huge resort building, Amanwana only provides a dozen tents for a more exclusive experience.

As they promise a natural paradise, be prepared to cruise across the area and enjoy its ethereal sunset. You are also allowed to go fishing and visit their underwater marine park. In this wilderness, distant from  the hubbub, listen to the serene sound of waterfall and birdlife.



Nihi Sumba

Island Sunset View at Nihi Sumba

This is a place for those whose hearts are hungry for wild adventures. Stay connected with Mother Earth that allows us to overlook the beauty of nature. You might start with an escape plan from the mundane life. But, once you arrive at the Nihiwatu beach, you will find yourself anticipating more than an ordinary itinerary.

Endless number of activities. Make it scheduled or even off-script. Create your own story by living with the local villagers. Let the local children introduce you to their way to enjoy life. See how they craft their valuable ikat weaving, and the other traditional arts.

The choices are endless. One of them that you might not find in any other places is to swim with horses. With the changing environment and climate, start to get closer with the wilderness’ animals. Release sea turtles, overlook the underwater beauty, and even meet the  locals’ buffalos. At the end of the day, choices are yours.